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10 Things Every Blog Post Needs

10 Things Every Blog Post Needs

I’ve recently revamped my workflow for writing and publishing blog posts, videos, emails, social media, the whole nine yards. I’m working hard to create content that people love and need to read, and I thought I’d share with you the 10 things I always try and include in my blog posts.

10 Things Every Blog Post Needs

Focus Keyword

When writing a blog post, you should identify what you want your focus keyword to be before you even begin writing. Your focus keyword is what you want people to be searching for when they find your post.

A Catchy & SEO Friendly Title

There are tons of different resources for creating great blog post titles, but I personally LOVE Coschedule’s Headline Analyzer. I’ve used it to create plenty of my blog post titles and its advice is insanely helpful.


No one wants to read a text in a huge singular block. Break up your text with subheadings or images.

Pinnable Image(s)

Speaking of images, you should always have at least one image in each post Preferably, that image should be sized and created for Pinterest.

Links to Internal Pages/Posts

It’s a good idea to link to other related pages or posts throughout your post, when appropriate. If you can’t locate anywhere to link, maybe at the bottom say “Here’s another post you may like:”.


Your permalink should be short, to the point & SEO friendly. A simple way to create a permalink is by just putting your entire SEO keyword in there.

Tags & Categorized

If you use tags and categories, make sure every blog post is filed into one of those categories and tagged.

A Call to Action

At the end of each post, you should have a call to action. In addition to an opt-in freebie, which I’ll get to, you should ask your readers a question so that they are motivated to leave a comment answering the question.

Email Opt-In

If you can, you should make an email opt-in for any email you deem appropriate. Make it relevant, high-quality and high-value. Then create an opt-in form, attach it your email list & stick it in the post!

Image Alt Descriptions

For each of the images you put in your post, there should be a keyword-optimized alt description so that whenever someone pins it, it’ll automatically fill the description for them.

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