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17Hats vs. Dubsado: The Best Client Management System

17Hats vs. Dubsado: The Best Client Management System

Today I wanted to talk about the best client management system. There are two that I recommend, for different reasons. I’m going to be comparing 17Hats and Dubsado.

Why Use a Client Management System?

A client management system can help you easily and quickly organize your clients, send invoices, automate things and more. Sure, you could track everything in a spreadsheet or word document, but a client management system is literally built to track these things. It makes it easy and saves time!

17Hats vs Dubsado: The Best Client Management System | Angelic Systems



Dubsado runs at $35/month for unlimited clients. You can also pay yearly for a rate of $350/year. Dubsado has a free trial option that lasts for an unlimited amount of time for three clients. 


Dubsado allows you to create individual clients, and then create multiple projects for any one client. You can assign tags and statuses to every project. You can create forms that capture leads, like an inquiry form. Every client gets its own client portal, where they can access all their forms, emails and invoices all in one place. Your client can also schedule appointments based on your set availability.

You can send clients custom questionnaires, proposals and forms. You can also send them their contract right from inside Dusbado, and they can sign it through Dubsado as well. Dubsado allows you to automate much of your client workflow, through the use of triggers, forms, questionnaires and contracts. You can also set it up to remind you of any important to-dos.

You can send invoices through Dubsado, and get paid through Stripe, Square or PayPal. Recurring invoices are also an option. There’s also a way to send overdue reminders automatically, which saves you any kind of anxiety you feel about following up on payments.

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17Hats vs Dubsado: The Best Client Management System | Angelic Systems



17Hats runs at $45/month if paid monthly, $25/month if paid yearly and $17/month if paid every two years. 17Hats does not offer a free trial. In my opinion, this is one of the biggest downsides to 17Hats, since you can’t decide if 17Hats works for you before shelling out big money.


Like Dubsado, 17Hats lets you create individual clients which can each have multiple projects. Each contact has an easy-to-see client dashboard, where you can see exactly what’s going on. You can easily create inquiry forms, and track leads through your sales pipeline. You can also create custom questionnaires to send out.

Save time with quote templates that can be sent out easily. You can also send out contracts that can be signed right within 17Hats. Invoices can also be created and sent out through 17Hats. Your clients can pay with a credit card or e-check through Stripe. It also supports PayPal, Square and Authorize.net. 17Hats also features an entire bookkeeping platform, mitigating the need for a separate accounting program.

Your Google calendar syncs seamlessly with 17Hats, allowing clients to book appointments when you are available. You can also track your to do’s all in one place. You can create workflows for your different products, and automate different steps. 

The Bottom Line

I personally think 17Hats is a better platform. The biggest downside is the immediate cost, so if you can afford the yearly price, it’s a much better option. If you can’t quite afford it, you could do the monthly plan at $45/month. If you simply want to test out a client management system, try Dubsado’s free trial. I think 17Hats has many more features, but Dubsado is easy to use and cheaper.

Do you use a client management system?

Thanks for reading!

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