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3 Systems Every Entrepreneur Needs

3 Systems Every Entrepreneur Needs

It’s no secret that I love workflows and systems. But what would I say are the three most important systems every entrepreneur needs? Read on to find out.

Client Workflow

Technically this is three workflows in one: onboarding, the actual work & offboarding. All three are equally important and make a huge difference in how a client feels about you after working with them.


Onboarding a client needs to be seamless and on-brand while also communicating all relevant information to your client. A great way to introduce your client to how you work and what they should expect is a client welcome packet. As soon as the client signs their contract, my welcome packet is automatically sent out to them. It outlines when I will and won’t be available, how long this will take, what I need from them & just overall what to expect. Onboarding also needs to include things like invoicing/down payments, contracts, information exchange and anything else you deem relevant.

The Actual Work

Since you’re doing something you love (right??), this should be the easiest part of the client workflow. That being said, even if you’ve designed websites since you were ten, you still should have some sort of workflow that you follow each time. It saves you time and frustration, plus gives the client good expectations. Maybe you start with the header and footer, then build the home page. But before you go on, you need approval. If you do it the same way every time, you’ll save time and get what you need faster.


Once a client is no longer working with you, it’s important to go through an offboarding process. This can include delivering any final files to the client, having a wrap-up meeting, or simply just saying goodbye. You should always ask them for a testimonial, so you can display how great you are for the world to see. 

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The next workflow that is essential is having a workflow for writing and publishing blog posts. There are like twenty steps to my personal blogging workflow, including writing and editing, creating the images, formatting the post and promoting it. Write down every single little step you can think of from the moment you start writing to the moment you finish promoting it.

Social Media

I post at least two times a week (most of them are once a day) on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram. Obviously, that takes some time and effort to get that many posts for that many networks written, photos designed/taken & scheduled. I typically write all my posts at once, then design all the pictures at once & then schedule all at once. It makes it easier to do it in big batches. The only exception is Pinterest, which I schedule using Tailwind two or three times a month. Create some sort of editorial calendar for social media where you can see what’s been written and created and what hasn’t. I love hosting my editorial calendar on Airtable.

What process/system could you not live without?

Thanks for reading the systems that every entrepreneur needs!

Abbie Cheeseman

Hi, there! I'm Abbie. I'm extremely passionate about organization, systems, and processes. I hope this blog can help you with your own business and life!

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