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3 Ways to Combat Burnout

3 Ways to Combat Burnout

As an entrepreneur, the feeling of burnout is pretty common. Hard work, few breaks & little reward at the beginning is a perfect recipe for burnout. Here are three ways that I try and combat burnout.

Get Outside

At least a couple times a week, get outside. Go on a walk around your neighborhood. Sit at a park and do some work, or sit somewhere and do something creative and fun, like drawing or writing a personal story. Getting outside and breathing in some fresh air can do wonders for your mind.

If you don’t like walking or sitting outside, switching up one of your workout routines to be outside instead of inside is a good option. Go for an outdoor run, do some HIIT exercises in the park or anything you can think of.

Take One Morning Off a Week

One morning per week, take the morning off. Do something that makes you happy. Whether that’s sleeping in an extra hour, going to get coffee with a friend, or just laying on the couch and watching TV. Schedule one morning a week to just do something for you.

If mornings don’t work for you, take one evening off a week. Go get drinks with friends, go see a movie or just stay up late and do something for you. It doesn’t matter if it’s morning or night but taking some time off once a week is a surefire way to avoid feeling burnt out.

Work Somewhere Else

I try and work somewhere other than my couch or office at least once a week. I don’t love having to pay to work somewhere else, especially back when I wasn’t actually making any money online and it was more of a passion project. Local libraries or university libraries are always free to access, and if they aren’t open to the public you usually just have to sign up for a free library card. If you don’t mind spending a few bucks, heading to a coffee shop is a fantastic option.

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