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4 Sneaky Ways to Monetize Your Blog

4 Sneaky Ways to Monetize Your Blog

We all know the most basic ways of monetizing your blog – advertisements, affiliate links, and sponsorships.  Today I wanted to share the ways that I like to monetize my blog that is a little different than your basic sidebar ad or sponsored post. Here are some sneaky ways to monetize your blog.

Focus on Affiliates

You probably already know what affiliate marketing is by now, but if you don’t I’ll briefly explain. In it’s simplest form, you can join a companies affiliate program, get a custom tracking link & then you’ll make a percentage or flat fee if someone purchases a product through your link.

You should be attempting to locate an affiliate link for anything you link on your site. Even if you don’t think they’ll have an affiliate program, look it up. You may be surprised. You can also use a service like VigLink, which tracks down the affiliate links automatically (for a portion of your commission).


Add a Favorites or Resources Page

Speaking of affiliate links, what better way to get people clicking than to create a favorites/resources page chock full of all of your favorite products. Add affiliate links to each product, add the page to your main menu and watch as your income increases.

Add an Ad Below

Most people focus on the sidebar or header advertisements and forget all about the bottom of their webpage. Stick an ad at the bottom of each blog post. People who got all the way to the bottom could be more likely to click on the ad if it’s relevant to them too.

Open Up for Ad Sponsors

Did anyone use Passionfruit Ads to buy ad spots on their favorite bloggers site? I miss that! It was a great way to find new and awesome bloggers. Although Passionfruit itself no longer exists, you can still sell spots on your sidebar or header for advertisements.

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