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4 Things Every New Entrepreneur Needs

4 Things Every New Entrepreneur Needs

Today I wanted to share some insights into the things all new entrepreneurs need. This is going to be some more less-thought of items. Of course, you need a business, an idea, a brand, etc. but these are items you may not have thought of. Here are 4 things every entrepreneur needs.


Although one of the best parts of being an entrepreneur is setting your own schedule, you actually have to set a schedule. The human body thrives on routine. At the very least, when beginning your entrepreneur you should set a few schedules and routines. You should create an overall daily schedule. Even if that schedule is just starting work at 10 am, end work at 8 pm, it needs to include a set start and end time for work each day. You should also create a morning and night routine so that your body starts to realize when it’s time for sleep and when it’s time for waking up.

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A Planner

Find a planner that works for you and your entrepreneurial needs. Whether this is a digital planner, a physical planner or just a notebook that you divide into sections each day. Figure out what you need in a planner. Do you like to track your daily schedule? Do you just need a place to write down to-dos? Do you have categories of to-dos? These are all valid questions that can help you find the right planner for you.

A Project/Task Manager

Even if you utilize a planner that tracks your to-dos, you should find a project/task manager that works for you. This can help you plan for the long-term as well as the short-term. Tools like Trello or Asana would be great for this. You can create projects or boards for different business categories, like blog posts or content calendars. You can begin adding team members once that becomes apart of your business as well.

A Separate Bank Account

You’ll want to keep all of your business-related spending and income into one bank account. You can start a new credit card to use for spending, but the payment for that credit card should come out of a new bank account for business spending only. It makes tax season a million times easier and helps create a distance between you and your business. 

What do you recommend for a new entrepreneur?

Thanks for reading!

Abbie Cheeseman

Hi, there! I'm Abbie. I'm extremely passionate about organization, systems, and processes. I hope this blog can help you with your own business and life!
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