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4 Ways to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control

4 Ways to Keep Your Email Inbox Under Control

If looking at your full email inbox gives you anxiety, it’s time for a better solution. Today I’m sharing techniques for keeping your email under control.

Do Frequent Audits

Go through all the emails you’re getting and unsubscribe from what you don’t want or need. Chances are, half your emails are not necessary or are just bogging down your inbox. Unsubscribe but don’t mark it as spam unless it truly is spam.

Utilize Folders & Filters

Now that you’re unsubscribed to everything you don’t want, let’s organize what you DO want. If you like browsing the 47 emails you get per day from shopping or sale websites, create a folder for all of those to go into so you can look at them when you have time. You can create filters and folders for everything.

I personally like everything to come into one inbox, but then I sort them quickly each day and address the important ones later in the day or right away depending on the importance and how much time I have.

Set a Designated Email Time

If you get a crap-ton of emails like me, you know how easy it is to start checking email and completely waste three hours of your day. Set designated times for email checks, and limit yourself to checking only during those times.

Utilize Canned Messages

If you get questions about things a lot or feel like you’re typing the same email multiple times, utilize canned messages. These are pre-created emails that you can edit to match the conversation and send off. It makes things go so much faster when you have a ton of emails and questions.

How do you reach inbox zero?

Thanks for reading!

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