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5 Things I Spend Money on for My Blog

5 Things I Spend Money on for My Blog

Today I wanted to share the five top things I spend money on for my blog. I get asked a lot, “I’m on a budget, what do I need to start a blog?” Well today I’m going to answer that question. The list is ordered in order of importance.

1 – Hosting/Domain Name/Email

Fortunately, I pay one monthly fee for all of my blogs and email addresses, and each domain is paid for once yearly. I pay $12 per month for hosting and email, and around $20 a year for each domain. I get my hosting and email through 1&1, and domains through GoDaddy, 1&1 or NameCheap.

2 – Buffer

Buffer revolutionized my social media game. I’m able to schedule weeks at a time and just let it run, all in one place. I schedule Twitter and Instagram with Buffer, but I schedule Facebook through its native scheduler (it appears better for algorithm purposes). I’ll cover how I schedule Pinterest next. Buffer is $10 per month.

3 – Tailwind

Tailwind is what I use to schedule my Pinterest posts. I’ve noticed a ginormous increase in Pinterest views, click-throughs and impressions since signing up for Tailwind. I’m able to find new and relevant content through Tribes, and I can schedule a month at a time with ease. I pay $30 per month for Tailwind (I have two accounts connected, $15 per account per month).

4 – Adobe Creative Suite

I use some kind of Adobe program at least once an hour while I’m working. Whether it’s editing a graphic on Illustrator, working on a mockup in Photoshop or just accessing a PDF in Acrobat, I use Adobe Creative Suite A LOT. It’s invaluable to me. I pay $29.99 per month for the student plan.

5 – Quickbooks Self Employed

Quickbooks is a new addition to the things I pay for, and it’s proved very useful & worth the money. Quickbooks makes taxes super easy and ensures I don’t miss anything. It’s amazing and I only pay $10 a month for it.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”hide-icon”]What do you pay for that’s essential for your business?[/alert]

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