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5 Workflow Programs for Keeping Track of Your Processes and Systems

5 Workflow Programs for Keeping Track of Your Processes and Systems

Today I wanted to talk about the different workflow programs that are available to easily track your workflows and systems. Having workflows and systems does no good if you can’t remember what triggers what automation and what the next step is. 

Workflow Programs


I’ve talked a lot about Airtable and using it to track sales funnels, workflows & social media calendars. Airtable is insanely versatile plus it’s free, which is why it’s my number one choice. You can link sheets together and really customize the way you view things. I like to list the steps in a workflow on the top, and then each blog post or whatever I’m creating on the left. That way I can just check off things as I go.

Price: Free; Paid plans start at $10/month

Google Sheets

Google Sheets utilizes the same excel table-style system that Airtable does. I just find Google Sheets uglier than Airtable. I used to track everything in Google Sheets, but once I discovered Airtable’s beauty, I haven’t really been back. Unless it involves numbers, I track it in Airtable. But if you’re more familiar with Google Sheets, it’s a great way to track things.

Price: Free


Orchestly is a new workflow software on the market. It really lets you set up workflows and automations all in one place. You can create forms and documents, map out your process, automate things with it’s expanding list of integrations & manage your tasks. It’s definitely still a new system with some bugs, but overall its a really great way to track your workflows.

Price: $7/user/month

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KissFlow is the leader of the pack when it comes to paid workflow management software. You can create beautiful visual workflows that can be automated as much or as little as needed. If you work with a team at all, KissFlow is amazing about making sure tasks and events get sent to the right person in a timely manner. Given it’s extremely high price tag, it’s really only worth it if you are working in a team.

Price: Starts at $149/month for up to 30 users

Pen & Paper

Lastly, you could simply draw out your workflows on paper yourself. Or, if you’re like me and hate your handwriting/drawing skills, you could create it on the computer in Illustrator or Canva. Sometimes when I’m developing a new workflow, it makes the most sense to sit down and draw it out first, that way I can visually see it before writing it all into steps.

Price: Free

How do you keep track of your workflows?

Thanks for reading!

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