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7 Things to Do Before 9AM for Better Productivity

7 Things to Do Before 9AM for Better Productivity

The precious time before the rest of the world is hustling and bustling is a great time to do things for yourself. Your morning routine should make you feel motivated and ready for the day ahead. Here are 8 things to do before 9am for better productivity.


Before I even get out of bed, I do some leg, back, and arm stretches. This helps wake my body up and lets my body know that it’s time to get moving and going for the day.

Drink Water

I do love my morning coffee, but nothing quite wakes me up like my first big glass of cold water. Usually, while I’m feeding our dog, I’ll chug one 16oz glass of cold water. I then start my morning mug of coffee.

7 Things to Do Before 9am for Better Productivity | Angelic Systems


If you are the type of person who likes to journal at night, try journaling in the morning. I like to write about my day and my reflections at night, but each morning I spend some time writing out three things I am grateful for, and any reflections I have for the day ahead.

Decide on Your Priorities

One of the best things I started doing each morning was immediately writing out my top three priorities for the day. I then usually write out the rest of my to-do list, but outlining the three most important things gives me an idea of how much I can or can’t get done each day.

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Even if it’s just taking the dog on a walk around the block or doing a fifteen-minute yoga session, doing some exercise first thing will definitely help wake you up. I like to do my exercise as the last part of my morning routine before I shower and get ready to start my day.


I usually prefer to meditate before bed, but sometimes I do a short meditation in the morning just to get my bearings and prepare for the day. I like to use apps like Headspace.

Tidy Up Your Home/Office

Before I actually sit down to work, I like to tidy up my house and office area. It always feels better to work in a clean environment, so I usually pick up my office before bed, but I usually save the rest of the house for the morning. Just spend 15-20 minutes picking up trash and dishes and generally tidying up.

What do you do in your morning routine?

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