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Behind the Scenes of My Monthly Planning Process

Behind the Scenes of My Monthly Planning Process

Today I wanted to share the ins and outs of my monthly planning process. This is the process that I run through all year long in order to keep my blogs, shops, and life in order. I keep running to-do lists in GoodTask for each blog and Etsy shop, as well as one for my life and client work.

Quarterly Planning Process

So technically my planning process begins at the beginning of each quarter. I do some big, long-term planning and evaluation in order to prepare for the months ahead.

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Long-Term Planning

At the beginning of each year, I look at launching products and offerings. Each quarter, I take a look back at the list I created and see what I can implement for the quarter ahead. If I’m planning on launching a course, for example, I would plan out what needs to be done each day leading up to the launch. I then add those tasks to GoodTask for the relevant blog/Etsy shop. 


Every quarter I take a look at how blog posts, products, and social media posts performed. I look at what times I had the best engagement, what posts performed the best & brainstorm ways to improve my business overall. I may tweak my editorial calendar or social media schedule at this point.

Monthly Planning Process

These are the planning items I do at the beginning of each month.

Important Tasks

I first look through my editorial and launch calendar to see what we’ve got going on for the month. For each blog post, I write down when I will write, edit, schedule and promote each post. For a product launch, I write down when I will create the product, design the mockups and then create the listing. I add each of these to GoodTask for the relevant blog/shop.

Social Media Tasks

Then I write down tasks like scheduling a week’s worth of posts, writing the posts themselves, editing the photos for the posts, interacting with my audience, responding to questions, etc. I add those tasks to GoodTask as well.

Miscellaneous Tasks

Lastly, I look at misc. tasks and add those to GoodTask. These include things like cleaning out the trash on my computer, backing up my computer, checking my email every morning, etc. Anything that doesn’t fit in just one blog or one shop goes into my miscellaneous GoodTask list.

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Daily Planning Process

Since I plan everything out at the beginning of the month, it makes my daily planning process much easier. I usually just sit down with my multiple lists and compile them into one list on my phone using the app Todoist. It’s easier for me to see what needs to be done ASAP and definitely today by using Todoist. 

Before I started using this method, I would simply go down each list and complete things. What ended up happening was the majority of the beginning tasks got done. But, some of the later tasks ended up not getting completed, for lack of time or motivation. But sometimes these tasks were essential. Since I use Todoist now, I can rank things by importance and ensure I’m getting the most important things done first.

What’s your monthly planning process?

Thanks for reading!

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