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Best Blogging Sponsorship Networks

Best Blogging Sponsorship Networks

Today I wanted to talk about something we all have or had questions about when we first started blogging: making money with your blog. There are a bunch of different ways which we can get into later, but today’s post focuses on blogging sponsorships. Specifically, blogging sponsorship networks.

Activate by Bloglovin

The first platform I’ve been especially loving recently is Activate by Bloglovin’. Just glancing through some of the campaigns they have going right now, there are ones for the GoGo Squeeze applesauce packets, Smithfield Bratwurst, Tyson frozen dinner kits & more! They have campaigns for blogs, social media, and YouTube channels so you’re sure to find something.


Next, IZEA is a platform I signed up for when I first began my blogging journey many years ago, but am still active on today. You can bid on open offers or receive direct offers. Connect your blog and all social media networks to qualify for more offers.


Tomoson is a little different in that you can apply for typical sponsored posts, but you can also apply to get products for free or at a discount. It’s great for bloggers with a minimal following who don’t qualify for full-on sponsored posts.


Linqia is another sponsorship platform for sponsored posts, tweets and more. They partner with huge brands like Gerber, Unilever, NBC, Method, and the list goes on. To join, you must have 2500+ social followers or 2500+ monthly viewers on your blog, be located in North America and post at least once per month

Social Native

Social Native partners you with huge brands for sponsored posts, affiliate programs and more.

Heartbeat works a little differently and is definitely focused on the Instagram side of sponsorships. You can answer surveys that will match you with Instagram sponsored posts. works a little differently than the rest. It’s more of a marketplace of influencers that brands can search through to find partnerships. You have to create a profile and you can pay $4 a month for a pro membership that will get you more features.

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