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The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The Best Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

Today I wanted to share something that I fell in love with this past summer. I love listening to podcasts while I’m driving for uber eats, driving to and from work & when I’m walking to work or working out. I rarely listen to them while I’m working, because I find I don’t get very much done, or I don’t pay attention. My brain can’t focus on both! Here are the best podcasts for entrepreneurs.

Build a Badass Business

Build a Badass Business isn’t a podcast that’s updated anymore, unfortunately, but there are over fifty podcasts for you to listen to! Diane Sanfilippo is the host of this podcast, and her blog is amazing too. In this podcast, she talks about marketing, motivation, focus & direction and practical business building tips. Some of the stuff is a little dated since most of it is almost three years old, but the majority of it is still super actionable and helpful.

Episode Recommendation: How to Be More Productive

Creative Empire

Creative Empire has almost 200 episodes & counting. They focus on “the business side of your creative side hustle.” It’s co-hosted by Reina & Christina, and the podcast focuses mostly on business advice, product design tips, social media advice & so much more. Their podcast is for every niche, which makes it amazing for literally every business owner.

Episode Recommendation: Email Marketing + MemberVault

Strategy Hour

Strategy Hour is hosted by the authors of one of my favorite blogs, Think Creative Collective. TCC was one of the first blogs I ever read when I was first starting my blog, so they hold a special place in my heart. Their podcast has almost 200 episodes as well and is still going strong. They cover mostly things related to growing a business, but they also cover their personal pitfalls and successes, which is super fun for me.

Episode Recommendation: Planning for Worst Case Scenarios

Being Boss

The lovely ladies behind the Being Boss podcast run their main podcast, Being Boss, but they also just started another podcast called Making a Business. Both are fantastic and are highly recommended. Being Boss focuses on your mindset, habits and routines and how they affect your business.

Episode Recommendation: Money, Mindset & Energy

Making a Business follows one of the co-hosts, Emily, as she starts a new product-based business. There are only five episodes at the time of this writing, but is growing. It’s so fun to start from the beginning with a podcast like this.

Episode Recommendation: Start from the beginning!

The Femtrepreneur Show

Another one of my favorite blogs, this podcast is put on by the owner of Femtrepreneur, Mariah Coz, and her co-host Megan Minns. This podcast is designed specifically for course creators, which is why I’m so obsessed with it currently. I’m hoping to launch my first course this year!

Episode Recommendation: 5 Blogging Tips for Business

The Lively Show

Lastly, but definitely not least, the Lively Show is an intention-based podcast. This podcast focuses less on business and more on being the person you’ve always dreamt of. She has guest speakers on almost every episode, which is so awesome since you can discover new bloggers and entrepreneurs all while listening to some amazing advice and stories. There are almost three hundred amazing episodes to listen to, so start now!

Episode Recommendation: My Favorite Five Minute Alignment Routine

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