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The Tools I Pay for to Make Blogging Easier

The Tools I Pay for to Make Blogging Easier

There are free services that I love using and will always love using, but there are some paid services that I just find essential for making blogging easier. Here are some awesome paid blogging tools. As a beginning blogger, I don’t have that much stuff but here’s what I love.


I’ve been a long time fan of Buffer. Now that I run two blogs, plus a side planner sticker business (opening soon), it’s essential that I keep all my social media accounts straight. Buffer helps me do that. I’m able to run both my Facebook pages, both my twitters, all three of my Instagrams and my Pinterest profile all from one easy to use interface. And, it’s only $10 a month. I don’t know how you can beat that.


I seriously love growing my twitter and Instagram. Connecting with new people and growing my business and blog is a huge benefit for me. Crowdfire helps me do this by allowing me to follow people of interest, unfollow non-followers and follow people back. I can also see who my mutuals are and develop valuable contacts.


I hosted many of my early blogs on Blogger. That was fine for the time being, but as I’ve grown as a blogger and gotten bigger, WordPress has become my go to. It’s much more diverse, you can customize basically everything even without coding knowledge and it’s a great platform for hosting a blog. The only caveat with WordPress is you have to host your blog on a website. In comes bluehost. It’s an affordable, easy to use tool to host your WordPress blog. I highly recommend it.

Adobe Creative Suite

I edit and create all of my infographics and pictures in Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is also where I create every single one of my planner stickers, making it a non-negotiable for my business. Since I’m still in school, I luckily get the student pricing but I’m not looking forward to when that increases.

What paid blogging tools do you use for your business?

Thanks for reading!

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