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Top Ways to Get Your Blogpost Shared

Top Ways to Get Your Blogpost Shared

Today I wanted to share some of the key ingredients that make people’s blogposts go viral. Obviously you have to be writing great, shareable content in order for people to want to share your blogposts, but there are some other ways to make sure your blogpost is as shareable as it can be. Here are the top ways to get your blogpost shared.

Create Pinnable Images

Pinterest is a huge traffic source for almost every blog. Pinterest took off in the past few years, and is consistently where people go to look for information on pretty much every topic. The pinning social network favors vertical images, so make sure you are creating graphics that are vertical and have a size of at least 800px. People also like to see what the blogpost will be about, so adding text to that picture of a coffee mug will ensure people are clicking through the image and not just pinning it to their ‘cute pictures’ board.

Have Links to Social Media

Having a hover pinterest button like the one above, or share links at the bottom make it easy for people to share an article that they deem interesting enough for other people to want to read. If it’s there, it makes sharing something easy and quick, rather than a struggle that they may give up halfway through.

Encourage Readers to Share

When posting on twitter, or facebook, encourage readers to share the tweet or post. You can do this by saying “RT if you love growing your blog!” or “Share this if you’re planning on growing your blog in 2017!”. This gives incentive to sharing something, and enables your readers to interact with you.

Create Captivating Headlines

Creating headlines that grab your readers attention is essential. I’m going to make an entire post on this, but there are several categories of perfect headlines. First of all, incorporate the key word you’re trying to promote. Second of all, using numbers (top 5…) or making readers feel left out (Secrets bloggers aren’t telling you) are great headlines that get a ton of shares.

Create Call to Actions

Give your readers something to do after they read your post. Whether it’s comment on something, sharing a tweet you embed in your post or doing an action on some stuff of their own. When readers see reactions from these call to actions, they will be more likely to share.

Join Groups

Joining Facebook groups, Triberr groups or just actual physical groups of people in your niche is a great idea. It can enable you to get your blogpost shared in new places. Create groups that are specifically for sharing your blogpost, and you’ll find that sharing readers is a great way to increase your views and shares.

What do you find gets you the most shares?

Thanks for reading!

Abbie Cheeseman

Hi, there! I'm Abbie. I'm extremely passionate about organization, systems, and processes. I hope this blog can help you with your own business and life!

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