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3 Places I Look for Freelance Jobs

3 Places I Look for Freelance Jobs

Making a little money on the side is an awesome way to supplement my income. I hope one day that freelance work turns into my actual job, but for now it’s just supplemental income. So let’s look at the 3 places I look for freelance jobs.


Upwork is a huge favorite of mine for finding quick and fun freelance work. I love to apply to their data entry and article writing sections. I can get a quick $5-$20 during my free time whenever I apply for jobs.

Another option through upwork is to find a long-term job, although the pay is usually less than what Americans are used to, unless you get really lucky or have a lot of job experience.

Upwork is free, although with the free plan you can’t apply for unlimited jobs. With the paid plan, you can apply for more, and you can buy credits once you run out of them.

When applying for jobs on freelance, I suggest applying for them as soon as they are posted to give you a better chance of getting the job. Apply with a rate you feel is acceptable, or agree with the fixed rate they have posted. Then, show off why you would be great at whatever they are wanting by writing that in the cover letter.


Freelancer is a lot like upwork, although their interface isn’t nearly as ‘pretty’. Another thing about Freelancer is, and maybe I just haven’t noticed it as much on upwork, is it seems like a lot of the job posters and job appliers are from different countries.

At freelancer, you apply for projects just like upwork. On upwork, you can take skills tests for free, and post them to your profile. At freelancer, each test costs money, but may be the difference between getting the job and not.

A lot of the jobs on freelancer are similar to ones on upwork, and you’ll rarely find the exact same job on both, which makes it beneficial to be a member of both. There are four different paid plans you can choose from, starting at just under $5 a month and going up to $60 a month, each coming with a variety of different perks.


FlexJobs is a purely paid for system. It costs $14.95 a month, $29.95 a quarter or $49.95 a year. FlexJobs is different from Freelancer or Upwork, in that it has jobs from actual established companies all around the world looking to hire salaried or hourly employees.

Whereas upwork or freelancer is more of a contract thing, these are actual jobs. Most have hour requirements, like 9-5 CST. Not every job on flexjobs is a purely online job, too. So, you could find jobs in your hometown that are half telecommute, half in-office, which might be pretty awesome if that’s what you’re looking for.

I spent a lot of time applying for jobs on FlexJobs and didn’t find any, so I cancelled my subscription when I recently found a new job. That being said, I’d definitely go back to FlexJobs in the future if my new job doesn’t work out.

Thanks for reading!

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