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Complete Guide to All the Tools for Entrepreneurs I Use

Complete Guide to All the Tools for Entrepreneurs I Use

Today I wanted to talk about all the tools for entrepreneurs that I’m currently using and loving. There are so many options out there, and after a lot of research and looking, these are the tools that I have settled on.


GoodTask is my current task management software. I have it installed on my Mac and iPhone so it stays synced no matter where I am. There are different lists for each blog, each Etsy shop, my life in general, client work and cleaning. I love having everything in one place.


Buffer is my absolute favorite tool for scheduling social media posts. You can connect up to 10 accounts with their cheapest plan, making it perfect for someone with multiple blogs like me. I use Facebook’s native scheduler, so Buffer is just for Twitter and Instagram.


Drip is my email marketing platform. Again, it’s built for people with different blogs or websites. It’s also free until I reach 500 subscribers, making it a perfect part of my everyday tools. It has great automation tools as well.


Airtable is like spreadsheets on crack. I never really used spreadsheets growing up, and actually fully discovered their potential about a year ago. I started tracking everything in Google Sheets until I found Airtable. Airtable contains all my social media calendars, blog post editorial calendars, keyword planners and more.

A Black Notebook and Pen

Even though I keep my overall monthly to do list in Goodtask, I like to write down each individual days to-do list in order of completion in a little black notebook. It helps keep me on task and I don’t feel overwhelmed looking at the entire month at once.

Passion Planner

My passion planner helps me keep track of my entire life. I use it to plan out my day, my meals, exercise, track steps and more. It keeps me sane, honestly.


I would probably cry if I lost access to my OneNote files (thank god for backups). There is SO MUCH information on OneNote. I have notebooks for life, blogs, YouTubes, Etsy shops, big projects and more. Each notebook has many sections with many pages that help keep me organized and put together.

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Trello is my main task management software for client work. I also love Trello for keeping track of workflows in any aspect of my business.


I use Asana for a running year-long editorial calendar for all of my blogs and Etsy shops.


I’ve raved about Tailwind many times, but it’s my go-to for scheduling pins on Pinterest and promoting my new posts. I love Tailwind Tribes as well.

Adobe Creative Suite

I’m still a student, so for $30 a month, I get the entire Adobe Creative Suite. It’s honestly priceless to me. I use Illustrator constantly, and I design a ton in Photoshop. I also love Xd, Audition, Premiere and After Effects.

1&1 + WordPress

WordPress has always been my favorite blog hosting platform, and I’ve tried most of them. 1&1 is my current hosting provider of choice because of its low price and fast speeds.

What’s your favorite biz tool?

Thanks for reading!

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