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Content Marketing Metrics: Consumption

Content Marketing Metrics: Consumption

Today marks the beginning of my series on content marketing metrics. I wanted to cover the different marketing metrics & how you can measure them. Today we’re focusing on consumption metrics.

Page Views

Page views measures what pages your visitors are viewing. It doesn’t look at viewers, it simply measures what pages get eyes on them (even if those eyes are all from the same person). You can see which of your pages are being viewed the most, and which blog posts are the most popular. The easiest way to measure page views is through using an analytics program. The most popular of which is google analytics.

Unique Visitors

Unique visitors measures individual visitors to your site. Page views are almost always higher due to individuals scrolling through many pages or repeat visitors. Unique visitors gives you a much better idea of how big your audience really is. Unique visitors can be measured easily by google analytics.

Average Time on Page

The average time on page metric measures just that, the average time spent on each page. This will enable you to see what pages your readers are simply skimming and which ones they are taking a little longer to read. Average time on page can be measured easily on google analytics.

Email Opens

Email opens measures what percentage and number of subscribers open your emails. You can use this information to gauge if the content you’re sending your list is valuable. This will also help you gauge your email headlines, as a crappy email subject can mean less opens. Any good email marketing provider will have email opens as part of their built-in statistics.

Email Clicks

Email clicks measure how many of your email readers are clicking the links you send in your emails. This can help you gauge how much of your email content is helpful. If no one is clicking your links, then your content is clearly not what they are looking for. Your email marketing provider should have email clicks as part of their built-in statistics.

Asset Downloads

Asset downloads measures how many of your downloadable content is actually downloaded by the people that requested them. You can use this to gauge how complicated your downloads process is. If someone has already indicated that they WANT the download, and then they don’t end up downloading it, there’s clearly something wrong with your process. Personally, most of my downloadable content is emailed, so this can be measured via my email provider. If your content is downloaded directly from the site, you can measure this via google analytics.

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