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Content Marketing Metrics: Leads & Sales

Content Marketing Metrics: Leads & Sales

Next in my content marketing metrics series is lead and sales metrics.

New Leads Generated

New leads generated is just a metric that measures how many people are now potential customers. Not everyone who visits your site is a lead, just the ones that buy something or sign up for an email list, or follow you on social media. You can use your email platform analytics to see how many people have signed up for your email campaigns. You can use google analytics to see how many people bought something or followed you on social media.

Existing Leads Touched

Existing leads touched measures essentially how many of your current leads are interacting, opening or reading your content. It would be hard to track social media followers viewing your blog post content, so an easier way to calculate this would be to just track how many of your email followers are opening each email.

Funnel Conversion Rate

In order to track a sales funnel, you must first already have a sales funnel in place. I wrote a blog post earlier this month about my sales funnel formula if you need some inspiration. You can track your funnel conversion rate by seeing how many people exist at each level of the funnel, and compare how many people first enter your funnel (by visiting your site, or signing up for your email list) versus how many people actually buy something or become a customer.

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