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Content Marketing Metrics: Retention

Content Marketing Metrics: Retention

This is the second post in my content marketing metrics series. Today’s post covers retention metrics.

Return Rate

Return rate shows you how many of your visitors are new visitors versus previous/old visitors. You want a good mix of both return and new visitors. If you have only return visitors, it means you are not promoting your posts in the right places to get more of an audience. If you only have new visitors, your content is not good enough to have people come back. You can find your return rate using google analytics.

Bounce Rate

Your bounce rate shows what percentage of people don’t travel to other pages on your site when they visit. It’s normal for blogs to have fairly high bounce rate, but you do want at least some people exploring other pages on your site. Your bounce rate is easily found using google analytics.

Pages Per Visit

Pages per visit is similar to bounce rate, but will show exactly how many pages people are visiting each time they visit your website. You definitely want a pages per visit stat over 1, but it’s normal for blogs to not have a stat over 2. You can find pages per visit on google analytics.


It’s important to see how many people are unsubscribing from your email list with each email. You’ll be able to tell which emails are not making your audience happy, leading to more unsubscribes. Unsubscribes is a basic stat included in your email platform statistics.

Follower Count

Follower count is a great indication of how far-reaching your content is. High pageviews and high social media follower counts mean you are doing great as far as getting your content out there. You can see follower count on each of your social media profiles, and you can see the changes and more in depth stats by using your social media analytics or an outside analytics software.

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