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Content Marketing Metrics: Sharing & Engagement

Content Marketing Metrics: Sharing & Engagement

Today’s post is the third in my content marketing metrics series. Today we’re talking about sharing & engagement metrics.

Social Media Shares

Social media shares will tell you how much your content is getting shared on social media. You can track this in a variety of ways. You can see this easily on Pinterest’s native analytics system, or you can see this via a WordPress plugin that tracks shares via a social share button.

Social Media Likes/Favorites

Being able to see how many people like/favorite your content is important to see how much of your audience is enjoying your content. You can typically see likes/favorites statistics by using the native analytics system within each social media platform, or an external analytics software.


Comments can be viewed on both your website & social media content. See how much of your content is getting reactions from your readers using this metric. You can see your comments on your blog posts on google analytics or your comment software/plugin. You can see comments on social media by using your social media native analytics or external analytics software.

Session Duration

Session duration measures how long someone spends on your website. Regardless of how many pages they visit, this tracks their entire visit to your site. You can see how engaging your content is by how long someone spends on your site and content. You can measure session duration on google analytics.

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