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How to Pitch Yourself for a Guest Post

How to Pitch Yourself for a Guest Post

Today I wanted to talk about guest posting & how to pitch yourself to a blogger for a guest post. It’s not a complicated or difficult process, but there is some work behind it. Here’s how to pitch yourself for a guest post.


You may be wondering, why should I participate in guest posting? There are two main reasons. First, it increases your domain authority. If you’ve done any SEO research, you know that having other websites link back to your website is a good way to show Google that you’re reliable and trustworthy. This is called domain authority. Second, guest posting exposes you to a wider audience that may have never known you exist.

Prep Work


Before you get started, you need to get real about what your niche is and what your ideal audience wants. If you’re going to take the time to guest post, it should probably bring in the right people!

Guest Post Ideas

Sit down and come up with 3-4 guest post ideas. These should be niche-specific blog topics that your ideal audience would love. Mommy blogging is not a specific enough niche. Mommy blog specific to keeping your child’s and your life organized is better.

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Finding a Site

Begin by googling (“guest post” [your niche]). Make sure to include the quotation marks, as they’ll ensure all results have the words ‘guest post’ in them. You can also go into Facebook groups in your niche and (where permitted) ask if anyone is looking for a guest blogger.

Craft Your Pitch

Once you’ve located some blogs, get started on writing your pitches. Begin by reading through the blog and locating one or two posts that you really liked. You should include 2-3 blog post ideas in each of your emails. They don’t have to be new ideas for each email but make sure you don’t write the same guest post for different bloggers. Then, write the following email (or a variation of) to the blogger:

Sample Pitch Email
Hi {blogger name},

My name is {your name} and I blog over at {blog address}. I really loved your posts on {post title one} and {post title two}. I feel like our audiences are fairly similar and I was wondering if you accepted guest posts? Here are a few ideas:

{your pitches here}

Would that be something you’d be interested in?

Thank you!
{your name}

For your pitches, they should be two to three sentances detailing what the blog post would be about. Keep it brief, but descriptive.

Have you ever guest posted?

Thanks for reading!

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