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How I Organize my Client Workflow

How I Organize my Client Workflow

Having a client workflow is essential in your business. I have workflows for everything, but having a client workflow is one of my most important ones. Today I want to share the details of how my client workflow works.

Client Contacts Me

Since my business isn’t too crazy yet, I still use email for my initial client contacts. I firmly believe in having as much transparency as possible on your services page itself, so most of my pricing & package information is on my website. That being said, I still usually need to know exactly what a potential client needs, so when they contact me about hiring me, I send over some more information and ask them some questions.

Client Decides to Hire Me

Once a client decides to hire me, the first thing I do is send over a contract. I’ve talked about having a contract before, but it’s super important. Once they’ve signed the contract via HelloSign, I send over the following items.

First, I ask the client for anything I need from them. For some projects, I need a branding style guide or board. If they don’t have one, I ask for fonts, colors, patterns etc. For some of my setup projects, like email opt in setups & email platform setups, I need to know which platform they want me to use, so I usually send over pricing and comparison information in case they aren’t sure.

I almost always send over a client welcome packet as well. Each packet differs depending on the service they hired me for. At it’s basics, it covers the full process for whatever they hired me for, and shares related packages and pricing in case they need further work done.

Monthly Client Workflows

For my monthly packages (virtual assistant, graphic design, google analytics management, mixpanel management), I send over a Trello guide & set up a Trello board. For the virtual assistant & graphic design monthly packages, my clients have to actually tell me what they need done. I have my clients add each task as a card to their Trello board. When they add the card, I first add a due date to let them know when it will be completed, and then I copy it over to Asana onto my personal to-do list.

For the google analytics & mixpanel management packages, I have a certain process that I outline on a Trello board so they know what to expect throughout the month. I also add due dates so they know when to expect each piece.

So that’s it! That’s my client workflow. I imagine once work picks up a little, I’ll probably need to start using a client management system like Dubsado, but I’ll be sure to do a whole post on that once I start using it!

Do you have a system in place for your client workflow?

Thanks for reading!

Abbie Cheeseman

Hi, there! I'm Abbie. I'm extremely passionate about organization, systems, and processes. I hope this blog can help you with your own business and life!

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