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How I Set Up New Workflows

How I Set Up New Workflows

Today I wanted to talk about setting up new workflows. When you implement a new process or system in your business or life, it’s important to set yourself up for success. Let’s see how I set up new workflows.

Figure Out the Workflow

Obviously, before I can set up the workflow, I need to know what the workflow is. Typically what happens when I determine a new workflow is I either realize I’m doing the same thing over and over again and wasting time, or I’m running into problems with something I do regularly. I use the format outlined in my workflow workbook (grab your copy on the right lower side of your screen!). I write down every little step, automate and outsource what I can and then figure out pain points and how I can make them better. Once I have the workflow fully outlined in a google doc, I move onto setting the workflow up.

Determine My Why

I like to write down my reasoning for creating a new workflow. I can refer back to this ‘why’ when I don’t feel like following my steps and it can just remind me that systems and workflows are in place for a reason. I usually write it down and stick it to my computer until I get used to the new workflow.

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Outline in Airtable

I’ve written about Airtable being my favorite thing ever to track workflows before. I love being able to write out each step and check it off as I go. Sometimes I’ll get so used to the workflow, I won’t have to refer back to Airtable, but even for things like writing blog posts, I still go to Airtable and check things off every time, just to ensure I’m not missing anything.


Once I have it all outlined in Airtable, I move onto automating where I can. I utilize IFTTT and Zapier most often to take care of automation. Something new that I’m exploring is Orchestly. It’s only $8 per month or $7 per month if you pay annually. I’m currently exploring it’s free trial & will most likely do an entire post if I end up liking it.

How do you set up new workflows?

Thanks for reading!

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