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How I Use Tailwind to Create a Pinterest Strategy

How I Use Tailwind to Create a Pinterest Strategy

It’s no secret that Pinterest is a massive traffic driver for blog owners, entrepreneurs and anyone else with an online presence. It’s also no secret that Tailwind is the leader of the pack when it comes to Pinterest tools. At just $15 per month, it’s an invaluable tool for my blog. Today I wanted to share how I use Tailwind to create a Pinterest strategy.

Schedule Pins

The first, most straight-forward part of Tailwind is scheduling pins. I let Tailwind tell me when the best time to post based on my profile is, and I schedule about 13 pins per day. I usually sit down once a week or once every two weeks and schedule a bunch of pins out. I pin mostly other people’s content to my own boards as well as group boards.


My favorite part of Tailwind is Tailwind Tribes. The best part about them is that you don’t have to be a Tailwind pro plan member to use them! It definitely makes things easier if you are, though. Tribes are basically groups of people who are pinning things into the tribe. You can share your own content to the tribe, but make sure you pin other people’s content as well. I typically utilize tribes for all of my scheduling. The tribes I belong to are already full of great blogging/entrepreneur focused content so it makes it super fast and easy.

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Back in the day, Board Booster used to allow you to loop pins daily/weekly/monthly to whatever boards you wanted. After Tailwind launched it’s SmartLoop feature, Board Booster shut down, but SmartLoop is very similar. SmartLoop allows you to take groups of pins and cycle through them daily, weekly or monthly. I currently have all of my blog posts being cycled through my personal business board as well as all the business/blogging related group boards I’m apart of. I have it pin one pin per day.

I also have a SmartLoop for my lifestyle blog content. I share those pins once per week to my lifestyle related boards and group boards. I have far less posts and information, hence why it’s only once per week. You can also set SmartLoop to only run for certain seasons, making it super easy to make sure your Christmas content is being seen every single winter.

Do you use Tailwind?

Thanks for reading!

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