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How to Be More Productive When You Work From Home

How to Be More Productive When You Work From Home

Working from home has serious benefits. No commute, ability to do chores like laundry while you’re working & being able to work from the comfort of your own home. But there are also challenges to working from home, like distractions and feeling like you should be relaxing. Here’s my advice for being more productive when you work from home.

Change Out of Your Pajamas

Just as you wouldn’t show up to your office job in the clothes you just slept in, you shouldn’t start working (even from home) in your pajamas. Even if you just change out of what you slept in into other comfy clothes (or nice pajamas!), that’s better than immediately going from bed to working.

Work in the Same Location

Choose a location in your house that will only be for work. Once you create an area that is only for work, you’ll find that your brain is much more in the mood for productivity. Set yourself up for success by filling the area with things that make you productive. Also, keep anything nearby that you might need during the day. Keep a large water bottle, a selection of snacks and something comforting like a blanket.

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Set Boundaries

Even though you are technically home, you have to let your friends and family know that you are working & that they need to treat it the same as if you went into an office every day. The opposite goes for your work. Make sure you set a hard stop time for your work. Let your employer and coworkers know that you will not be answering calls/emails/messages/whatever after a certain time. Sure, working from home provides for a lot of flexibility, but you shouldn’t have to work all the time.

Plan Out Breaks & Meals

When you’re planning out your day, make sure you plan time for meals and breaks. If you were working in an office you wouldn’t work 12 hour days with no breaks, so you shouldn’t do it at home either. Make time for three meals daily, and at least three or four 15 minute breaks throughout your day.

Get Outside or Work Somewhere Else

Never leaving the house is a surefire way to feel burnt out and cooped up. Simply spend one of your breaks walking around the neighborhood, or go on a drive to get some coffee. If you’re really feeling stuck, try working somewhere else. Most coffee shops are great options, or you could even join a coworking space.

How do you stay productive when you work from home?

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