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How to Create More Value for Your Readers

How to Create More Value for Your Readers

By now you probably know that blogging should be focused on your readers. By giving them what they want, you are effectively increasing your readership and income. Today I wanted to share some ways you can create more value for your readers. Make your blog the most valuable source of information in your niche with these tips.

Give Them What They Want

In other words, write the blog posts that your audience has asked for. People will ask for blog posts in several ways. They may straight up ask you for a post on a specific topic, or they’ll be slightly more subtle. If someone asks questions on social media or in the comments and it’s something you could write an entire post on, do it! You can also follow your audience on social media and take note of what they post about and if there are any posts you can create from that.

Create Bonuses

For each post you create, you should (if possible) create bonuses for your audience. Whether it’s a simple checklist, the blog post in PDF or audio form, or a full-on workbook, creating some kind of bonus for your audience is a great way to add more value. Even better, require that they ‘opt in’ to your email list so you can grow your email list while providing more value.

Utilize Social Media

Be present and active on social media. It will give your audience members a chance to connect with you and get more value on a completely separate platform. Interact with your audience, post and repost relevant content.

Post Value on Social Media

Speaking of social media, posting valuable content on social media is a great thing as well. Give your audience a reason to follow you on social media. Post content that your audience would benefit from, like tips, tricks, and advice related to your niche.

Send Valuable Emails

Once you’ve grown your email list, stay in contact with your list regularly. Don’t only send them things when you’re trying to promote or sell something. Send them regular, valuable information, free downloads, and resources.

Create a Facebook Group

Facebook groups have been very popular for quite some time and are continuing to be very valuable. Create a Facebook group for your audience members and use it to share information, interact with your readers and ask your readers questions.

I realize you may be thinking this is a lot of content to produce every day/week/month. I just wrote a post on coming up with a million ideas here.

Thanks for reading!


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