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How to Design a Weekly Schedule that Will Revolutionize Your Business

How to Design a Weekly Schedule that Will Revolutionize Your Business

Having a weekly schedule as an entrepreneur can be the difference between actually getting work done versus just lounging around the house in your pajamas all day. Your weekly schedule can be as flexible or as rigid as you need it to be, but at least having some semblance of a schedule is essential. Here’s my advice on how to design a weekly schedule as an entrepreneur.


The first step in developing a weekly schedule is to identify exactly what it is that needs to be completed each week, each month and each quarter. Take an afternoon or an entire day to literally identify everything that needs to get done for your business to be successful.

Mornings & Nights

Having the exact same morning and night routine will make a ginormous difference in your schedule. Keeping the beginning and end of the day consistent will make your days much more consistent overall. You’ll begin to train your brain to identify when it’s time to wake up and when it’s time to go to sleep. So, next, focus on developing a perfect morning and night routine.

Utilize Task Batching

Take a look at all the things you have to complete for your business. Could you bust out a few weeks of social media in a single day, leaving the rest of those weeks to do something else? Could you write all four of the months blog posts in one afternoon? How can you combine the tasks to make it easier on your brain?

Think About Things Outside of Work

Of course, you don’t only work all day long. Before you actually create your schedule, identify the things you do outside of work each day, week or month. This can include vacations, workouts, date nights and events with friends. Obviously, there are going to be events you can’t predict six months down the line, but this is just for the regularly scheduled events.

Write it Down, Type it Up…Whatever

Now, create your schedule. Write it down in your journal, type it up into a pretty word doc, or actually design it in a program like InDesign – whatever will make it easier for you to follow. Keep it wherever you work – in your office, at your kitchen table or even just on your computer. You could also download a fun printable off Etsy to create your schedule if that works better for you.

Keep it Consistent, but Make Changes if Needed

It’s not a schedule if you change it each morning, but if you find your Wednesday morning workout is killing your energy for the day, change it up! Change the things that need to be changed in order to increase your productivity and make you feel more motivated and in charge of your entrepreneurial journey.

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