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How to Drive Traffic to Old Blog Posts

How to Drive Traffic to Old Blog Posts

Today I wanted to talk about driving traffic to your older blog posts. If your old blog posts weren’t important, we’d just delete them after publishing. But older blog posts are usually how people end up finding your blog. Older blog posts have been around longer & have had more time to be promoted and found. Here’s how to drive traffic to old blog posts.

Update It

A year or so after publishing a post, go through and update it with new information and new links. Link it to newer blog posts that you’ve published since then, giving people even more of an opportunity to click around your blog. You should also link to other bloggers who have since published relevant posts. You can then either re-publish it and delete the old post, or just update it with an “updated on:” headline.

Promote it Again

Once you’ve updated it with new information, promote it again to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Once you’ve promoted it once, add it to a looping service like SmarterQueue, MeetEdgar or Tailwind for Pinterest to keep promoting it on a regular basis. This will keep it relevant and visible to new and old audience members. Be careful about over-promotion, especially on platforms like Facebook and Instagram where content is based on an algorithm. If they can tell it’s the same post over and over again, those sites will stop sharing those with your audience.

Contact Other Bloggers

If you’ve linked back to anyone, make sure you send them a tweet or an email to let them know you’ve mentioned their post. At the very least, this will make them aware of you and your blog, but they may even share it or promote it. Don’t feel bad if they are a pretty big blogger and don’t share your post – that’s normal!

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