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How to Explode Your Email List with Quizzes

How to Explode Your Email List with Quizzes

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A few months ago, I was browsing the internet and I ended up taking a quiz about my brand personality. I had to enter my email address at the end to get the results. I was immediately obsessed with the idea of using quizzes to encourage people to sign up for your email list.

So, when someone from Interact contacted me and wanted me to give their quiz maker a shot & write about my experience, I was all over it. So, today I’m sharing a tutorial for creating quizzes with Interact.

Create an Account

The first step here is to sign up for Interact. You can use their free plan to create unlimited quizzes & collect unlimited responses, you just won’t be able to connect it to your email provider. Their Lite plan runs at $17 a month when paid out annually, and includes up to 60,000 emails collected per year. That should cover most beginner bloggers!

Interact works with most of the top email marketing providers, including my favorite Drip. It also works with ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, GetResponse, Klaviyo, MadMimi, Mailchimp, MailerLite, SendGrid and basically anything else you’d need via Zapier.

Create Your First Quiz

Now it’s time to create your first quiz! You can start from scratch (which is what I’m doing) or select a template. You can select an assessment (which has right or wrong answers and tells them if their correct after each answer), a personality (the one I chose for today, gives them various results based on their answers), and scored (similar to assessment but shows their score at the end).

If you’re creating one from scratch, here’s what the first page will look like. You can customize this screen to your hearts content. Off to the left, you can see the four elements, Title, Image, Description & Button. You can subtract or add elements there.

Off to the left under the “styles” tab is where you can input all your custom branding. You can add a logo, change all the colors and even change the font.

Off to the left is where you can edit your ‘personalities’. Since I’m doing a quiz about what needs organizing first, my ‘personalities’ are things that need to be organized. For each result, you can select a title, an image, a description and a call to action. You could direct people to your services, a product or anything your heart desires. I’m directing people to my blog.

Once you have all your results options input, it’s time to create your questions. I’m just creating a simple five-question quiz today. Here’s what each question will look like as you’re editing it.

For each question, you’ll click “edit result correlations” in the upper right. From there, you can indicate which answer correlates to which result.

Connect Interact to Your Email Platform

I like to do this part last. Once your quiz is created, direct your attention to the upper left hand corner. If this is your first time creating a quiz, toggle on the “enable lead capture”.

It will take you through a series of steps to set up your email provider to automatically send your email capture from Interact to your email provider.

Once you’ve connected your email provider, you can indicate what you want to happen when someone receives a specific result. You want to make sure you add something here, but you can also add actions to every single answer. This can really help you create an email list that’s perfectly segmented for the people who want to receive those emails.

Grow Your Email List

Once you’ve completed your quiz creation, you can choose how you want to host it. There are a bunch of ways you can host it. You can embed it as a pop-up, embed it as an announcement bar, set it up as a Facebook ad, embed it as it’s own page on your website, host it on Interact or create it as a social media post. Use your best judgment to get the best results. I’ve chosen to link it as a landing page, and since I have WordPress I can actually install a plugin and then use a shortcode to embed it.

Go HERE to take the quiz talked about in this post!

As you can see, Interact makes it really easy to create opt in quizzes. Their beautiful quiz creator interface and all of those integrations make it the perfect choice for anyone looking to create opt in quizzes. The $17/month price tag makes it an inexpensive option, too.

Thanks for reading!

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