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How to Follow Through with Your Goals

How to Follow Through with Your Goals

Today I wanted to share a post about following through on your goals. Growing up I always loved setting goals, but I had a really hard time following through with those goals. Let’s take a look at how to follow through with your goals. Also, get a FREE goal setting workbook here.

Break it Down

Setting a huge goal without mapping it out is a surefire way to not accomplish that goal. If you just set a goal of owning a business in five years, you’ll have no direction for that goal. Breaking that goal into smaller monthly goals, and then breaking that up into tasks is a simple and actionable way to set goals.

Schedule Everything

Get a planner, whether it’s an app on your phone or a physical paper planner. Then, schedule out when you want to do those tasks, that way you always know what you should be working on. If you feel unmotivated to complete your tasks/goals, force yourself to at least just begin on one task. If you begin, you’ll get the ball rolling and will feel more motivated to get the work done.

Grab a Friend

Having someone that will keep you accountable for your goals is a fantastic option. Pick someone in your personal life, or someone online, but having someone that you share your goals and dreams with can really help.

Keep Track & Reward Yourself

Keep track of how far you’ve come & your progress. Use a notebook or a spreadsheet, or even the notes app on your phone. Set up milestones to reward yourself as well. Rewards systems work so well – that’s why we use them on children and puppies!

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