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How to Keep Track of Multiple Sales Funnels

How to Keep Track of Multiple Sales Funnels

You might be keeping track of your sales funnel in a google doc or other word processing program. There’s a better way! Especially as your business grows and the sales funnels get more complicated, targeted and numerous, you want to have a good way to keep track of each sales funnel and it’s steps.


I’m going to be showing you how to use Trello to organize your Sales Funnel. I’m also offering the template I’m sharing for download off to the right of your screen. It doesn’t get much better than that!


If you’re completely unfamiliar with Trello, check out these tutorials to give you an idea of what Trello is all about.

First, create a board (or copy from my template) for all of your sales funnels. (If you have a ton, definitely make more than one board for organization sake) Then, create a list for each funnel.

Then, create cards for each step in your sales funnel. You can title them or just call them ‘step 1’, ‘step 2’ etc,

Lastly, in each step, detail what is happening. You can detail what your email provider is doing at this time, and any other automated or physical steps that exist with each step. You can attach pictures, links, headings, etc. and even use power-ups if you find one that works for what you need.

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