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How to Launch Your Own Affiliate Program

How to Launch Your Own Affiliate Program

Today I wanted to talk about creating your very own affiliate program. We all know affiliate marketing is a great way to make money by promoting other people’s products and getting a commission when someone makes a purchase. But have you ever thought about affiliate marketing for your own products? It’s truly a win-win situation. You get free advertising for your products, and the influencer gets a kickback commission when someone makes a purchase. Here’s how to launch your own affiliate program.

Evaluate Your Products

Before you dive into the technical side, look at each of your products. Determine which products you’d like to find affiliates for and then think about what percentage or flat fee you want to do for each product. You could decide on a single percentage commission for each of your products or vary them based on product.

Pick Your System

There are a ton of programs out there for launching your own affiliate program. A lot of them are really expensive or have restrictive features, though, so making sure it has the features you want and need is important. You should also ensure that your program of choice works with your fulfillment system of choice. For example, Shopify works with all the programs I’m about to list, but if you use WooCommerce, they may not work for you. Do your research!

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LeadDyno is a great choice for an affiliate program management system. It integrates with all of the major payment/fulfillment systems, including Shopify, Stripe, PayPal and WooCommerce. Probably the only downside is that it’s least expensive plan is $49/month and only comes with 3,000 unique visitors. You’ll have unlimited affiliates, but only 3,000 views will be tracked.


OmniStar is also amazing. It features a beautiful dashboard and integrates with all of the major platforms. The pricing starts at $47/month for up to 20,000 tracking requests and 200 affiliates. That’s a pretty good starting point for new sellers.


Affiliatly is the best option for people who are new to the affiliate marketing world. It integrates beautifully with most platforms and has affordable pricing. Their pricing starts at just $16 per month for up to 50 affiliates with unlimited tracking and sales.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Thanks for reading!

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