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How to Make Your Blog Audience Obsessed with You

How to Make Your Blog Audience Obsessed with You

Having a blog audience that comes back for more time after time is key to getting your blog to the next level. You want your blog audience to love you and what you offer. Here are some actionable ways to make your blog audience fall in love with you and your blog.

Know Your Audience

During branding, this is a key step. Depending on if you DIY’d your branding, or used someone who didn’t touch on this, you want to sit down and figure out who your ideal audience is. Who are you writing for? Why? Why should someone care about what you are writing about?

For example, I run a travel blog with my boyfriend. We talk about our travel tips and experiences and our ideal audience is someone who desires to or already does travel like we do. Our ideal audience is people that are interested in all aspects of travel, from the actual transportation to get you to your destination to whatever activities you have planned once you are there.

Once you know your audience, it’ll be easier to create content that your audience needs and loves. If Nate and I started writing about sewing randomly, that’s not something every member of our audience would necessarily be interested in, and the post would most likely flop. We could even lose readers since we strayed so far from what they knew to be what our blog focused on.

Share Personal Information

And no, I’m not talking about your address or something weird like that. Allow your readers to see who you are as a person and not just words behind a screen. That’s part of why blogging became so popular. Blogs are written by real, seemingly normal people who share information on a website that could potentially help people.

Let people see who you are. Share personal information and anecdotes throughout your posts. Ensure you have an ‘About’ page that really allows people to get to know who you are. Depending on your blog’s niche and personal comfort level, it can vary just how much personal information you want to share, but typically the more the better.

Be Present on Social Media

If you are only using Twitter and Facebook to promote your latest blogpost, you’re doing it wrong. Interact with people, post status updates relating to what you’ve been up to lately and use those platforms to make valuable connections with people who will come read your blog.

Two platforms that are newer in the social media world that can be really helpful for making those personal connections are Instagram Stories and Snapchat. Both platforms allow you to post seconds long videos and pictures of whatever’s going on around you. See a pretty sunset? Post it. Eating a breakfast that looks good? Share it! In today’s social media obsessed world, sharing what you’re up to can help bring people to your blog and keep them coming back.

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How to Make Your Blog Audience Obsessed with You - Make your audience fall in love with you, your life & what you have to offer How to Make Your Blog Audience Obsessed with You - Make your audience fall in love with you, your life & what you have to offer

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