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How to Save Time with Zapier & IFTTT

How to Save Time with Zapier & IFTTT

Today I wanted to talk about two time-saving tools, Zapier & IFTTT. They are two easy-to-use automation tools that can save you time and money. Here’s how to save time with Zapier & IFTTT.

What are they?

Zapier and If this then that, or IFTTT, are automation tools. They utilize “zaps” or “recipes”, respectively, that automate programs that are unrelated. They take a ‘trigger’ (like someone signing up for your paid webinar), and then activate an ‘action’ (like adding them to Stripe & sending an invoice). It allows you to connect programs that otherwise would not have been connected. 

Zapier has a free plan that allows five two-step Zaps. Their first-tier paid plan starts at $20, allows for multi-step Zaps and increases your maximum number of Zaps to 20. IFTTT is completely free for most users, but if you’re running thousands of recipes a month you may have to do a business plan.

IFTTT definitely has more integrations, from things like appliances to social media websites to your Fitbit, whereas Zapier integrates with a lot more business-focused apps, like Slack, ClickFunnels and Airtable. But, IFTTT also integrates with quite a few of them as well (like Airtable). Since IFTTT is free, I suggest searching for the integration you want in IFTTT first, and if you can’t find it, then search in Zapier.

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My Favorite Recipes

Since IFTTT is free, I create most of my recipes there. They have so many integrations it’s hard to keep track, but I just wanted to share some of my most-used recipes for IFTTT. 

Airtable Recurring Tasks – each client I manage has different social media needs, and this allows me to create new records to keep track of scheduling & writing social media posts every week and month.

Instagram to other social media – I like my Instagram posts to also post to Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr. I set up a simple integration that every post to Instagram also immediately posts to those three social networks.

Coffee Maker – I set my WeMo switch to turn on 10 minutes before I get out of bed, so my Nespresso machine has already heated up the water & all I have to do is hit start.

Etsy Shop – I have a recipe so that every time I post a new product to my Etsy shop, or an old product renews, it gets posted to Facebook and Pinterest.

My Favorite Zaps

I don’t use Zapier enough to pay for it, so I only have a few recipes. But here are the ones that I use.

Slack to Trello – When I star a message in Slack, it creates a card in Trello. We use Slack a ton for my client work, so when a client sends a to-do in Slack, it immediately gets added to Trello so it’s not forgotten.

Google Drive to Slack – for my client work, I like to upload final files to Google Drive. I have a Zap set up so that when files are uploaded to a certain file, a certain client gets a message. 

Have you ever used Zapier or IFTTT?

Thanks for reading!

Abbie Cheeseman

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