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How to Streamline Your New Client Onboarding Process

How to Streamline Your New Client Onboarding Process

Today I wanted to talk about streamlining your client onboarding process. Onboarding new clients is one of the most important processes in a creative business. Let’s look at how you can simplify and strengthen yours.

Get Organized

The first step in getting your client onboarding process under control is to get organized. 

Write Down Each Step

Sit down with a piece of paper and from memory, write down every step a new client has to go through. This can include things like sending over the contract for signature, sending an invoice for the initial deposit, getting client files from them etc. There might be 20 steps and there might be 50. 

Create an Organized Flow

Now that you can see all the steps, is there anything that seems out of place or un-needed? Move things around until you have an organized and logical flow through the process. It may be easier to do this on a computer.

Lay Out Your Process Somewhere

Now, write down each step and information somewhere pretty and organized. Some people choose to outline their client process on their website, which is awesome and allows you and the client to refer back to it. You can also create a pretty graphic in Canva, write it out in a word doc or even create a document in InDesign.

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Find Some Tools for Your Client Onboarding

Once you have the process completely laid out, it’s time to streamline and perfect it. The two platforms I recommend most for client onboarding is 17Hats and Dubsado. Both programs are really excellent and beautifully designed. They both allow you to send and receive signed contracts, create questionnaires and forms, create client portals and so much more. Both come with a price tag, though, so if you’re not quite ready to invest there are some other options.

You can also utilize a few free tools, like PayPal for invoices, and HelloSign for contract signing. It won’t be quite as automated and streamlined as using a tool like 17Hats or Dubsado, but it will definitely get the job done.

Create a Client Welcome Packet

Lastly, this is optional but I think it’s a really valuable and important step. Creating a client welcome packet that contains all important information can be invaluable. This info may be contained in a contract, but a client is far more likely to read and refer back to a beautifully designed and branded welcome packet. You can include things like the timeline, what you need from the client, your office hours and so much more.

What do you use for your client onboarding process?

Thanks for reading!

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