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How to Use Airtable to Keep Track of Everything

How to Use Airtable to Keep Track of Everything

If you love using spreadsheets to track things like your editorial calendar, project management and more, you’ll love Airtable. Today I’m sharing how to use Airtable to keep track of everything.

What is Airtable?

Airtable is a spreadsheet-type application that has SO much more to offer than a basic spreadsheet. It literally can be customized to fit any needs. It’s not difficult to use and has a really great free version that can get anyone started. Each spreadsheet is called a ‘Base’ and each row is referred to as a ‘Record’.

How I Use Airtable

Personally, I use Airtable to keep track of quite a few business-related things. I plan on expanding my Airtable use in the near future, but here’s what I’m currently tracking with Airtable. I keep each of my blogs and their base’s in separate workspaces. You can literally have unlimited workspaces, which makes my life so much easier and organized. In each blog’s workspace, I have bases for my blog post keyword planner, a social media calendar and an email calendar. Again, this will expand soon, but for now, that’s how it’s looking.

In the blog post keyword planner, I keep track of each blog post, it’s target keyword, a meta description, an image description, it’s call to action & related posts. I keep track of my actual editorial calendar in Asana, so this is just for tracking keyword stuff.

In the social media calendar, I have separate tables for each network, and then one at the end to keep track of the posts I want to share from other people and their relevant links. I’m able to create ‘categories’ for each post on each day (for example: “quote”, “this week’s blogpost”, “old blogpost”, etc.). Then, I can just write a bunch of posts at once and then schedule them at my convenience.

Lastly, in my email calendar, I track both emails to be sent and the email opt-ins I’m creating. For the emails being sent, I make a note of what list it should be sent to and when. For opt in’s, I list each blog post and determine if that blog post will include an opt-in. If it does, I then make sure to indicate which list/tag the opt-in should add the reader to.

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Other Ways to Use Airtable

Airtable can literally be used however you want. You can deeply customize it, especially if you’re a premium member. They also have a huge library of templates, which I’ll include some of my favorites here. You can also find templates from other users too!

You could create a base to track all your financial information. This template is pretty awesome. It allows you to track every account and all of each accounts spending and information. If you need a budget and can’t seem to find anything that helps, give this a try.

If you’re a project manager or just someone who needs to track some projects, give the project tracker base a try. You can track each overall project and all of the tasks associated with it. This base really highlights being able to link to other tables while in the same base.

I’m definitely using the event planning base for my next party or event. Keep track of the schedule, location(s), sponsors, speakers, events, etc. all in one place! The possibilities with Airtable truly are endless.

Have you ever used Airtable?

Thanks for reading!

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