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How to Use Your Email List to Grow Your Blog

How to Use Your Email List to Grow Your Blog

Having a great email list is honestly essential for today’s bloggers and entrepreneurs. Even though people are now getting hundreds of emails per day, it’s still one of the best ways to communicate with your audience. An email platform doesn’t mess with its algorithm like social media; the emails are always sorted in the order they came into the inbox.

Get An Email List

Sign Up for an Email Marketing Platform

My email marketing platform is ConvertKit, and I am obsessed with it. I debated and researched SO many other platforms before finally deciding on ConvertKit, and I’m glad I went with it. I’m able to send simple emails, without any fluff (which I honestly kind of wanted, but I’m glad I didn’t!) and I can send them to extremely targeted groups. During some upcoming launches, I’m really going to get to explore the full power of ConvertKit and I’m excited!

MailChimp is my recommendation for a beginner’s email marketing platform, but Aweber, Constant Contact, Drip & Active Campaign are all great options as well. You just have to take into consideration the things you need/can’t live without & then find the platform that works best for you!

Create an Opt-In Freebie & Market It

Okay so now that you’ve got your email list setup, you have to actually get people on the list. I’ll get into specific content upgrades for each blog post in a moment, but it’s a good idea to create a lead magnet that you can market in various spots throughout your site. There are a gazillion different things you could create as an opt-in freebie, and I’ll be talking about actually creating one in another post.

For now, my personal favorites for opt-in freebies are workbooks, trackers, spreadsheets, mini e-courses and mini e-books. All provide immense value and aren’t insanely difficult to create. Once you’ve got your opt-in freebie up and running, create some social media posts to promote it! If you write a blog post that relates in some way, mention it. Put it on your homepage! Market the crap out of that baby.

Create a Welcome Sequence

A welcome sequence is THE most important thing when it comes to email marketing. Once your reader signs up to receive whatever your opt-in freebie is, they’ll be put through a welcome sequence. I recommend creating 3-5 emails following this pattern:

  • A link to your opt-in freebie (this needs to go out as soon as they subscribe!)
  • A welcome to your email list & what people can expect from you
  • Who you are
  • What you create & why (make this email almost emotional, pull at those heartstrings!)
  • Any current money-making offers you have going on (this could be a recent course release, affiliate links – anything!)

Create Content Upgrades

Once you’ve got all the basics set up, you can begin to create content upgrades for any piece of content on your site. I personally LOVE creating content upgrades for pretty much everything I write about. All you have to do to create a content upgrade is create something that’s somehow related to the content, tweak your welcome sequence to match this product & voila!

Nurture Your Email List

Now that people are signed up and have gone through your welcome sequence, it’s a good idea to pop into their inbox every week or couple weeks. Only emailing your list when you have something new for sale is not a good idea. It’s better to provide consistent value to your email list in return for them reading a few sales emails every month or couple months.

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