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3 Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Email List

3 Ways to Make Passive Income from Your Email List

Your email list is an invaluable resource. In addition to being able to actively sell products and services to a group that has agreed to receive your emails, you can passively sell things and make income in your sleep! Here are three ways to make passive income from your email list.

Sell Something in Your Welcome Sequence

If you don’t have a welcome sequence, that’s a whole other blog post, but you need one. Your welcome sequence is the sequence of emails that welcomes readers to your email list and introduces them to you and what you do. It’s essential for showing readers what they can gain from your list and begin to nurture those emails.

In your welcome sequence, you could also introduce a product you’ve already created. A simple workbook for $10 or a planner download for $15 can quickly add up as you add people to your email list. Since they’ve already gained value from your opt-in freebie, they’ll be on their way to wanting to buy something from you.

Promote Affiliates

If you are a part of any affiliate programs, it’s an easy way to promote those via your email list. You can talk about why you chose a particular program, introduce a new feature of theirs, create a round up of products you love, or tons of various versions on the theme. Affiliate income is huge, and adding it to your email list is an excellent idea.

Promote Sales

On the same vein of promoting affiliates, another great way to make some passive income is by promoting your affiliates when they are having a sale. Emailing your list about a product you’ve already talked about to let them know it’s on sale can drive a crazy amount of sales.

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