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My Blogging Process

My Blogging Process

Today I wanted to talk about my blogging process from start to finish. From outlining to promotion, here is my blogging process.

Plan Posts & Outline Posts

In the fall of each year, I start brainstorming post topics for the following year. Usually, by January, I have most of the year planned. Obviously, things get changed and adjusted as the year goes on and things happen that I want to write about. But, from there I have a good number of post topics and titles to utilize throughout the year. 

At the beginning of each month, I outline each post for the month. I outline the actual blog post, and I also figure out some of the meta/SEO information. I do some keyword research, nail down my target keyword(s), write my meta description and determine what my CTA at the bottom will be.

Write Post in Google Docs

Some people prefer to just write the post on their blog platform, but I like to write it in a Google Doc first. It’s a cleaner interface so that I can just focus on writing. I refer back to the outline I created and I just start writing. I’ll usually go back through and fill in any blanks, edit the grammar and spelling and make sure it looks perfect.

Add Post to Blog, Adjust Links & SEO

The next step is to add the post to my blog. I copy and paste the text into the text editor on WordPress and add the title. Then I select the category and add any tags. Usually, I’ll add links right from Google Docs, but sometimes I need to add links after it’s put into WordPress. Then, I go to the bottom of the screen where the Yoast SEO plugin lives. I input the keyword and meta description and then make any changes to ensure SEO is green.

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Design Opt-In

I don’t offer an opt-in on every post (for example, this one!), but if I do offer an opt-in, this is when I’ll create it. I first design the download, then I design a little button that has a mockup of the download & some text that then links to the landing page for the opt-in. I then go into Drip, my email marketing software, and create the automation and campaign so that when someone signs up they get the download immediately. Then, I design the landing page for the opt-in, add in the form and voila!

Design Images

Then I design the ‘hero’ images for the post. I put one in the ‘featured image’ slot, and two at the bottom in a gallery. I design the images, upload them to the website, add alt text and add the images into the post.

Promote on Social Media

Usually, I split my blog process up into three days. I write on day one, add the post to the website & adjust SEO on day two, and then design the images and add in on day three. The post doesn’t actually go live until day four. Once the post is live, I promote it on social media. I first pin it with Tailwind, adding it to group boards & Tailwind Tribes. Then I tweet out the link, post on Facebook and post an Instagram story that a new blog post has gone up. 

What are the steps in your blogging process?

Thanks for reading!

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