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My Sales Funnel Formula

My Sales Funnel Formula

Even as a smaller blogger, having a sales funnel is essential. Having a defined route that your audience will take to lead them to your site and offerings is the best way to guarantee sales time after time. If you aren’t sure what a sales funnel is, it’s essential a route in which a visitor becomes a customer. At each point, there will be customers that fall off, making it in the shape of a funnel. Today I want to share the three overall sales funnel steps I use in my business to get clients & sales.

The Sales Funnel

A Potential Reader Finds My Blog

Through good writing, SEO & social media promotion, potential readers stumble upon my blog. They either like what they find and continue on to the next step, or they aren’t huge fans and either occasionally read the blog or never come back.

Readers Become Email Subscribers

If a reader likes my blog or finds a content upgrade they like, they become an email subscriber. Some consistent readers will never become email subscribers. There’s a mini-step here where email subscribers are nurtured with helpful and valuable content.

Email Subscribers Purchase

Email subscribers receive sales emails throughout a launch. Some of those subscribers will end up purchasing, becoming full-blown customers. Those who don’t end up purchasing receive downsell emails, which are lesser versions of the original product, to sell some more products.


Obviously, there are going to be anomalies when it comes to sales funnels. Some first-time visitors are going to purchase, some readers will purchase without subscribing to my email list, and there will be email subscribers who subscribe but never once make a purchase. A sales funnel isn’t an exact formula, but having an overall process to follow can make the process easier to nail down.

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