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My Weekly Schedule for Working & Freelancing

My Weekly Schedule for Working & Freelancing

Today I wanted to share my weekly schedule for working and freelancing. I work around 30 hours a week as a hosting coach at Ruth’s Chris, and then I freelance work as much as humanly possible. I’ve also been getting back into working out, so I’m only at three times a week currently but I’m working on increasing that.

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The beginning of the typical work is the tail end of my work week at Ruth’s. I wake up early on Monday’s to squeeze a workout in, shower and get ready before getting a little freelance work done before heading to work. I open most of the week, so the time I get to go home varies. It’s typically around 7 pm, and then I head home to work some more before Nate gets home. Once he’s home, we eat dinner and do a little more work before bed.


Tuesdays are my Friday at Ruth’s. I sleep in a little before getting up, showering and getting ready. I also squeeze a couple hours in for freelance work and then I head to work. Sometimes I get off as late as 8 pm on Tuesdays, but it averages around 7. I head home and get some work done before Nate gets home. Once he’s home, we eat dinner and do a little more work before bed.


Wednesdays and Thursdays are both Nate and I’s weekend. Wednesdays we dedicate to work, and Thursdays we take a little time for ourselves. We hit the gym first, and then we pretty much hole up in our office’s and work all day. I also film videos on Wednesdays, and sometimes I need his help, so we’ll go film videos for an hour or so as well. I also have been trying to up my Instagram game, so I have him take some pictures of me as well.


On Thursdays, we work a majority of the day but take the evening to spend time with each other. I love getting so much done on Wednesday and Thursday but I was noticing if we didn’t get a date night in on one of our days of, we would never spend quality time together. So around 9 pm, we put our work away and do something fun, like go to a movie, rent a movie or go get dinner or drinks somewhere.


Friday & Saturdays are my earliest days at Ruth’s, so I don’t get as much freelance work done on those days. I usually get off around 7, and then I head home to work as much as humanly possible. I rarely go out on Friday or Saturday nights anymore, but if I do, it’s never on Fridays because I have to be up early on Saturdays.


Saturdays look similar to Fridays, but I usually stay up much later on Saturdays since I don’t open on Sundays. I also occasionally go out on Saturday nights, but my work tends to come first so it’s usually when I’m all caught up, or it’s a special occasion.


Sundays are typically my no work day, but occasionally I’ll have something that has to get done so I’ll do that. I usually spend the day running any errands, doing grocery shopping/meal planning/meal prepping for the week, and cleaning up the house. I’ve started making Sundays my no work day fairly recently but I’ve noticed it really helps my productivity. I used to work whenever I had even a second of free time, but now that I take at least one day and one night (Thursday) off a week, I’m feeling less burnt out and more balanced.

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