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The Side Hustles I Use to Earn an Extra $600 Per Month

The Side Hustles I Use to Earn an Extra $600 Per Month

Today I wanted to talk about the various ‘side hustles’ I use to make $600 extra per month. I wanted to share these with you so you all can see some extra ways to make some cash in your free time.


Although I hope to make blogging and freelancing my full-time income, it isn’t right now. It’s okay, though, because I work a part-time job that allows me to blog and create content without the pressure of money. That being said, I do make a little bit of money per month from blogging.


I’m not getting a million page views per month, but the little money I do earn from ads is always helpful. I have an ad in my sidebar, and I add ads to the middle of my posts two weeks after they are published.

Sponsored Posts

I haven’t done a sponsored post for a while, but they are an awesome source of income. People don’t love sponsored posts, but for me, if it’s a product I use anyway, why not get paid to promote it?

Affiliate Marketing

I love recommending products here and there & then earning a commision when someone buys it. It’s a really easy, passive strategy for making money.


Lastly, I put this in the blogging category because without my blog, I would never have been hired. I offer several services, and the bulk of my blogging income comes from getting paid for those services.

Survey Websites

I’ve been using survey websites since the early internet days. I’ve gotten them down to a science, which I’ll do an entire post on. Here are some of my favorite survey sites.

Swagbucks is definitely the site I’ve used the most and earned the most from. You can get Paypal cash starting at $25 or other gift cards starting at $3. I paid for my entire birthday party by taking surveys while at my boring coffee shop job. InstaGC is another awesome site that lets you get gift cards in various increments from various places. InstaGC also has cool features like weekly giveaways, points goals & website testing.

Next, Grabpoints is another all-in-one survey and other task sites. You can watch videos, explore websites and make purchases for points that can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Perk is an awesome website as well. I especially like perk for its daily checklist, which involves things like watching a few videos, taking a survey and playing two of their mobile apps. I also love leaving their video player on while I write blog posts to earn a few extra bucks.

Lastly, some purely survey based sites I love are Global Test Market, Fusion Cash, Survey Junkie, Point Club, Vindale Research and Panda Research. All of these sites allow you to take surveys for points that can be redeemed into cash, or simply cash itself.

Uber Eats

Lastly, this is something that came to my city about eight months ago, and I immediately signed up. Uber has been here for years, but my car is too old to be able to drive people. Uber eats only requires a car newer than the 90s, and of course, you make significantly less. I make anywhere from $8-$20 an hour, with an average coming in around $11. That doesn’t include the gas and car maintenance, though. I tend to use uber eats as an absolute backup if I’m not going to be able to pay a bill, or I really need to buy something but don’t have the money.

It’s really easy, and I like to listen to podcasts or audiobooks while I drive around. All you do with uber eats is run into restaurants, get their food and then drive it to the person. It’s very straightforward and most of the money you’ll make will be from tips. I would say a solid 60% of people in Boise tip at least a dollar or two, but that number may differ from city to city.

Thanks for reading!


Abbie Cheeseman

Hi, there! I'm Abbie. I'm extremely passionate about organization, systems, and processes. I hope this blog can help you with your own business and life!

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