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The Best Free Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs

The Best Free Tools for Creative Entrepreneurs

Today I wanted to talk about the various free tools that are available for creative entrepreneurs. While there are some amazing and extremely valuable paid programs, there are also quite a few completely free tools that every entrepreneur should take advantage of. Here are the best free tools for creative entrepreneurs.


Canva is an awesome photo creation/editing tool. There are tons of saved sizes and templates, plus you can pretty much create anything using their tools. The paid version allows you to save branding & store more. If it’s your only photo creation/editing tool, it may be worth it to invest in their paid program.


You’ve heard me talk a lot about Airtable, which is basically spreadsheets on crack. It is truly invaluable for me & my business, so if you use a lot of spreadsheets or need a good way to organize things, check out Airtable.

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Free Stock Photos

There are two awesome websites that offer free stock photos: Pexels & Unsplash. Both have a gigantic library of free-to-use stock photos, and most don’t require attribution. If you need photos for Instagram, your website or everything in between, check these sites out.


Buffer is a social media scheduling service. It does have a paid plan (which I use), but their free plan is also quite robust. You can schedule up to 10 posts and link 3 social accounts on their free plan. If you just need some basic social media scheduling, this should work for you.


Mailchimp, like Buffer, has a great paid plan, but also has a solid free plan. Their free plan includes up to 2,000 contacts & 10,000 sends per month (aka, if you have 2,000 contacts you can send 5 emails per month). You can’t do any automations, but if you just need a basic email marketing platform, Mailchimp is the one for you.

Google Products

Google makes three free products that are truly amazing. Google Calendar is a great way to stay organized and on top of your schedule and tasks. Google Drive is a great way to store files in the cloud for easy access. Lastly, Google Analytics provides in-depth website analytics for free.

Project Management

There are two free project management tools that I recommend. First, Trello is amazing because if it’s Kanban board style and ability to add teammates for free. Asana is also amazing for list-based projects (you can create Kanban boards on Asana too, but it feels clunkier).


I realized after one of my accounts was hacked last year that everything I had an account with had roughly the same password, with maybe one or two letter/number differences. That may have been fine when I was fifteen, but now that I’m an adult with a credit score and bank accounts, that’s not going to work. I use LastPass to generate long and hard-to-guess passwords, and then I use LastPass to store those passwords. It’s Google Chrome extension means it auto-fills on practically any website.

Which tool is your favorite?

Thanks for reading!

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