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The Camera Tools I Use to Run My Blog

The Camera Tools I Use to Run My Blog

Today I wanted to talk about the different camera tools I utilize for my blog(s) and YouTube channel. I could not have beautiful images and videos without these tools.


I use the Canon T3 that I got for graduation back in 2013. It’s probably time for an upgrade, but there are some other things I need first. Here’s the newest version.


Taking videos and photos of myself would be impossible without a quality tripod. I like this one because it’s compact and easy to whip out and put away.

Ring Light

My ring light is essential for filming videos, taking Instagram pictures and ensuring my blog photos have enough light. I love how pictures look when using a ring light.


Again, taking photos and videos of myself would be impossible without a remote. I’m able to focus and take a picture with this remote, and it makes it so much easier.


Adobe Lightroom is how I edit almost all my photos unless they need text or some special effect. I love the Adobe presets that I have, as well as the brushes that I own. Stay tuned for a post on my favorite plugins for Adobe Lightroom.

[alert type=”info” icon-size=”hide-icon”]What camera tools do you use?[/alert]

Thanks for reading!


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