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5 Things to Add to Any Marketing Email Before Pressing Send

5 Things to Add to Any Marketing Email Before Pressing Send

Today I wanted to talk about the five things, no matter your niche, that need to be included in your marketing emails. Here are the 5 things to add to any marketing email before pressing send.

Your Logo

Of course, you want to make sure you’re including your branding in your emails. It will let the reader instantly know who’s emailing them, and give you a chance to increase your brand recognition.


It’s a good idea to break up your emails with dividers and headers. No one wants to be greeted by a wall of text in their inbox. Use headers or small dividers to divide up each idea.

Social Media Links

It’s a great idea to include your social media and website links at the bottom or top of any emails. It ensures that your readers can find you wherever they want.


Like dividers/headers, images will help divide up your emails and give a visual element to your emails. Everyone loves images, so include relevant and branded images in each email.

ONE Call to Action

Key word: ONE. You should only be including ONE call to action per email. Studies have shown that if you’re including multiple links or multiple call to actions, most readers will actually just not click any of them because it becomes overwhelming. Decide what’s most important from each email, and make that your call to action.

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