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Why I Chose 1&1 as My Hosting Company

Why I Chose 1&1 as My Hosting Company

Today I wanted to share why I chose 1&1 as my hosting company for my various websites. It’s an affordable and awesome option for hosting.


1&1 has a low monthly cost for unlimited websites. Since I run many blogs and offer hosting as an option on my Create Design Blog site, I needed a hosting company that was affordable, had a monthly payment & would allow unlimited sites without slowing down the rest of the sites. I pay just under $12 a month for 1&1.

Free Domain

As a new customer, you can get a free domain for a year by signing up for hosting. When I signed up, I wanted that free domain since I was going to launch a new site in the future.


Even though I wanted something affordable with high speeds, I also wanted to be sure that I could up my hosting package when I was getting more traffic or needed more storage. 1&1 has many plans ranging from one site with low traffic to tons of sites with high traffic. It’s easy to upgrade, too.

24/7 Support

I freak OUT when something goes wrong on my site, and I also work super weird hours (I’m writing this at 12 am and will probably edit it around 3 am) so I wanted a company that I could contact whenever I saw a problem. The only thing I can say is that they only have 24/7 PHONE support, and I freaking hate talking on the phone.


I knew I wanted email capabilities, but I was assuming I’d need to pay extra. Nope, with 1&1, you get unlimited email addresses for each domain, all included in the cost of your hosting. Plus, even though their platform is great, I also connect it with the Mac App Spark, and it works flawlessly.

[alert type=”success” icon-size=”normal”]Sign up for 1&1 here and get unlimited storage & websites for just $4.99 per month[/alert]

Thanks for reading!

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