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Why I Chose Drip as My Email Marketing Platform

Why I Chose Drip as My Email Marketing Platform

I like to consider myself a sort of connoisseur of internet programs. I’ve tried at least the free trial of most platforms in the categories that I currently use (blog hosting, email marketing, opt-in software etc.). When I decided to get serious about growing my email list, I switched to ConvertKit. It was great but didn’t fit all my needs. I tried Aweber, Constant Contact, MailChimp and probably a couple others that I don’t even remember. And then I discovered Drip. Today I’m here to share with you why I chose Drip for my email marketing needs.

Pay as You Grow

It’s free up until you reach 101 subscribers, and then goes up to $49 per month until you reach 2,500, then it’s $99 per month. My problem with ConvertKit was that although I had the two-week trial, I was expected to then shell out $30 a month when back then I didn’t even have a single subscriber. I needed something that could grow with me.

Visual Email Builder

I love the email builder that Drip uses. They actually recently upgraded it, making it even better and easier to use. It’s a simple drag and drop builder, meaning you need no coding knowledge to create beautiful emails.

Workflows & Automation

Like ConvertKit, Drip utilizes powerful workflows and automation. I LOVE their workflow builder because it’s easy to use, easy to follow and easy to edit. Drip also integrates with a ton of other programs, which you can then use in your workflows and automation. It’s pretty awesome.

Multiple Accounts

Last but certainly not least, this is the feature that completely sold me on Drip (as if I wasn’t already sold). I run a few different blogs, so a problem I was running into was I was either going to have to pay for the email marketing platform for EACH blog, or all my lists, tags and workflows were going to be in the same place. Neither of those options seemed great for me. Drip allows you to have as many websites as you want, each under completely separate dashboards. When I’m under Angelic Abbie, I’m only seeing campaigns, subscribers, and forms that were created for Angelic Abbie – no one else.

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