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Why I Switched to Squarespace (But Switched Back!)

Why I Switched to Squarespace (But Switched Back!)

When I first started my blog, I paid for two years of hosting. I played around with so many themes, but I longed for Squarespace’s drag-and-drop website design interface. Here’s why I switched to Squarespace, but ended up switching back!

Why I Switched

As I mentioned, I wanted a little more customization when it came to designing my site, but I didn’t really want to learn code. I hacked things together for a while and bought various Etsy themes, but it never really did it for me. I also loved the idea of Squarespace being an all-in-one kind of platform where I could have my blog, domain, hosting, email and even e-commerce in one dashboard. Lastly, I didn’t do much research and assumed all hosts required a year of host payment like Bluehost, and I couldn’t afford the hundred or so dollars when my hosting expired. So, I switched to Squarespace.

The Switch

The actual switch was fairly simple. I pointed the domains to the right place, and then followed some directions for importing my old posts. Many of the images didn’t transfer, some titles were screwed up and some things didn’t work but for the most part it went pretty simply.

Why I Switched Back

I was with Squarespace for almost 9 months. There are several reasons that I switched back to WordPress, though.

The price: especially once I decided I wanted to launch more blogs, the $16 per month PER BLOG was getting a little steep. If you only have the one blog, though, that might be okay for you. But I’d rather pay $12 per month now for unlimited sites.

The interface: despite having a drag-and-drop platform, I could never get used to their dashboard and especially could never get used to their blog writing part of the site.

Discovered alternatives: I spend hours and hours on the internet per day looking up and reading random things, so it was mostly by accident that I discovered the various page builders for WordPress. I knew that things like Divi (a paid drag and drop theme) existed, but I didn’t realize there were any free options. I played with Elementor, fell in love and that sealed the deal for me.

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